I am happy to support, with the help of my 15 years of experience in the field of interior design and the knowledge of living and architectural psychology, to create perfect solutions for the well-being in your home, at work or even in the smallest living and working areas. Prices and advice can be found below.

All consultations are also available online with appropriate documentation.

Business Living


  • Optimize work processes through space resources
  • Furnishing of business premises and surgeries
  • Interior design for apartment providers and companies
  • Home office planning and design
  • Co-working Spaces

Community Living


  • Consulting, planning and implementation of community projects
  • Establishment of co-working spaces
  • New forms of housing such as generational living
  • Shared Spaces Design

Tiny Living


  • Establishment of Small Spaces
  • Interior design of Tiny Houses such as allotment house
  • Optimization of small apartments and small housing
  • Downsizing and sustainability

Every good performance should be rewarded. I do my best to satisfy my customers to the highest degree. Each project requires an appropriate calculation, which I create on the basis of the personal first meeting. I am happy to provide a flat rate or, if desired, charge according to actual effort. Larger projects are also offered alternatively as daily rates. More information in the terms and conditions.

personal conversation?

I am available for inquiries, property inspections or personal meetings. I look forward to meeting you!